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The Naked Mom Team

Meet Calah Jackson
Founder of Naked Moms Blog

The creator and visionary behind Naked Moms Blog, began writing and dabbling in the creative arts as a child. As the youngest of three, she often admired her two older sibling’s passion for creating art through theatre, music, poetry and dance. Calah was a painfully shy and quiet child, often the recipient of bullying at school, which lead her to become introverted which soon became the muse of her many creative short stories about people branching out of their comfort zone. In addition to being shy, Calah attributes her passion for the art of writing to her beautiful grandmother and best friend, affectionately known as “Ima”

Ima truly scuplted a passion a learning and writing during Calah’s childhood, often requesting full book reports  and copying encyclopedias over summer vacations. No matter what Ima asked, Calah happily obliged as her enthusiasm and talent in writing grew. Adolescence, maturity and growing confidence in Christ brought about a 180 degree shift in what talents Calah was comfortable sharing with the world. She began writing music, leading worship, being an active disciple and disciple maker, performing spoken word pieces, and perspicaciously sharing her voice with those who would listen. God began infusing a specific desire in Calah, to see women live in fullness of knowledge of Christ and by understanding the character of God. That desire birthed, Naked Moms Blog. Through Christ, Calah walks in bold confidence in her gifts and calling while teaching other women to do the same!

Meet Marilyn Migliaccio

At an early age, Marilyn’s art and creative writing was a healthy outlet that came naturally. Marilyn is the oldest of three siblings. She happily discovered her gift of encouragement as she supported her siblings in their respective gifts. For many years, the only items she would ask for on birthdays and holidays was something art related. Oil paints, brushes, journals, easels, and blank canvases were some of the things she longed for in her young pursuit of peace and joy. Growing up, Marilyn was a very outgoing and happy child. She has always loved to involve herself in everything creative and meticulous. Along with having a gift to create, she also felt like she had a voice that needed to be heard. She felt she had lived a long life for being so young and knew that some women out there had a desperate ear for the over spilling words coming from her journals.

Marilyn’s excitement to make art as a child turned into watching God use it to benefit His church. With Marilyn’s strong desire to sing, God revealed His grace to lead people to worship Him. God is now providing an avenue to Marilyn, through Naked Mom’s Blog, to reach other women! Marilyn is our team’s strong content single woman who has so much wisdom and encouragement for other women walking through her same season of life. While she isn’t technically a mom yet, she gives love and compassion far beyond her years, so much so that we can all glean something from her.

meet Alex Yates

This 27 year old has been a wife to an amazing man, Michael, for five years, mother to four adorable babies Austin 4, Brooklyn 3 and London 1, and Kingston 1 month. She is an expert cleaner, a lazy cooker and a lover of all things natural. She met Jesus on the college campus of Southern Methodist University on April 11, 2011. Before Jesus life consisted of college parties, toxic relationships, unhealthy friendships, missed opportunities and hollow emptiness. BUT GOD. Jesus has initiated intentional passion and wisdom about marriage, family, protecting the unborn and encouraging women in their pursuit of Christ.

Out of all of her passions, she is most excited about helping parents strengthen the bond with their children. She believes that building close-knit, emotionally-healthy, Jesus-led families is of the utmost important because such families can be the bedrock of a healthy community, an impactful church and a vibrant society. Alex shares a unique and beautiful perspective on culture, parenting and womanhood which is why it only made sense to have her on the Naked Moms Blog team. Life experiences, have primed Alex’s writing voice and encouragement to be raw and non-judgmental. Realness comes naturally for this sweet and sassy beauty, but even more than that, the love of Jesus permeates her heart in an irrefutable and breath-taking manner.

Meet Siobhan Blot

Siobhan is a Christ-follower, musician, writer, teen social worker, teacher, and lover of books. One of her absolute all-time favorite things in the world is being over the age of 30. Siobhan’s life was impacted significantly after experiencing the loss of her mother at the age of 26. Since then she has remained transparent about her grief journey and invites other grieving individuals to remain transparent through their journeys as well. Siobhan is also outspoken about her journey through unbelief and her previous exploration of different faiths only to find that the gospel is the only truth there is. She encountered Jesus a few years ago while being stopped abruptly in her tracks from pursuing a lifestyle that centered around eastern mysticism and new-age philosophies. Since then she has become passionate about the truth of the gospel and sound biblical doctrine. One of her passions in life is teaching women and teens sound, biblical theology. She is currently recording a series of EP’s that couples her musical talent with writing to to express her story and beliefs through music and poetry. Siobhan is also passionate about mental health, especially within the black community, where the subject can remain taboo and encourages everyone she encounters to live a life that is holistic in well being. Coming from a broken past herself, Siobhan has a heart for individuals who have experienced the same brokenness and hopes to help others find healing in Christ through her expressions of art and writing.