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Over the years, writing has been an outlet for me to vulnerably say what I really want to say and share my unfiltered testimony in a way that hopefully causes others to look at life and go, “I’m not alone, I’m going to be okay.” It’s all about choosing vulnerability, and walking in it unapologetically, because every choice God has made for us has dealt with us in this kind and vulnerable manner.

When God formed us, He breathed into us, when we sinned He clothed us, when He redeemed us He was bound and beaten then stripped and stretched out on a cross to die. He gave himself in every vulnerable way so that we can have freedom. Understanding His choice inspires me to make a choice too, to live from His freedom, walking through friendship, marriage, family, faith, and motherhood with fearless vulnerability. 

From a place of vulnerability, this blog was born. It’s titled Naked Moms Blog but it’s not just for moms. At the point in life at which you become a mother, you can pretty much guarantee that you have had friendships, experienced singleness, possibly marriage, fought with a family member, broken up with a boyfriend, lost a best friend and everything in between. Unlike any other title, Motherhood to me encompasses more than just having babies. It’s a culmination of relationships wrapped up in a big package that daily teaches us self sacrifice and vulnerability. Motherhood, and all the life experiences that precede it cause you to be naked. The definition of “naked” is as follows:

naked def

Don’t be alarmed, no one here is going to harm you! Being a naked mom (no matter what stage of life you’re actually in, married, single, mommin’ or otherwise) comes with letting down your guard and allowing yourself to be real and honest -as scary as it sound that comes with a risk of being hurt and misunderstood. The mission of Naked Moms Blog is to teach women how to practically love God through good stewardship of self, leading women into spiritual freedom, and embracing vulnerability with other women. If by chance you’re still here and decide to stay for the long haul, get ready to take your mask off, your makeup off, take your clip ins out and yes, the spanks too! Let your guard down and prop your feet up cause we have some things to talk about. Grab your cup of coffee or glass of wine and let’s chat. If you, like me are tired of living a filtered, retouched, stuntin’ for the ‘Gram kind of life, while struggling in isolation, you are in the right place. Welcome, to Naked Moms Blog.


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