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Hard As A Mother: Part 1

This month we will celebrate Mother’s Day. The day where we all get dressed up and accompany our moms to church then brunch. We will buy her flowers to make her day more beautiful or give her chocolates to sweeten the deal. We pamper her and may even boast about how some of our moms were the only ones putting in the blood, sweat and tears it takes to raise a child. We shower them. This day is an awesome and needed day to remind ourselves to appreciate our mamas but too often when the calendar ticks over to the next day we forget again.


Motherhood, especially really good motherhood, is made up of tiny moments of self sacrifice and those moments easily go without acknowledgement. It’s those seconds right before you open your eyes when you know your kids are about to bust in your room to “wake you up” and you have to sacrifice those extra minutes in bed. It’s realizing you have probably ordered pizza too much and you need to cook vegetables for your kids tonight. It’s getting everyone dressed and ready and out of the house that leaves you sweaty. It’s bathroom trips with tiny fingers reaching under the door almost to say, “I know where you are…” and that’s if they don’t bust in. Its little sticky faces asking for a kiss. It’s crying babes waking you out of our dream to tell you they had an accident. It’s getting way too many bodily fluids on you and never knowing what you just put your hand in.


Motherhood is making the hardest decisions that seem like the biggest decision ever at the time. It’s worrying are doing it “right.” It’s frustration, sadness, and anger when you get it wrong and yell again. It’s realizing that this DOES hurt me more than it will hurt them. It’s receiving God’s correction in the same breath in which you give it to your child. It’s wondering why you can’t go square up with that bully who keeps picking on your kid. It’s wondering how she keeps it all together and sometimes realizing that she’s just falling apart in other areas.


Motherhood is hard as a mother.


My first Mother’s Day I was so excited! I was so excited for my flowers and chocolate and bottle of wine! I was excited to feel like I was getting a break. Motherhood is a profession that goes 24/7 but today I got to RELAX!

Such an appropriate way to spend my first Mother’s Day!

I wake up, feet hit the floor. I stand up breathe in the sun with a HUGE smile on my face look over at my husband… sleeping like he is in a coma. “DUDE, it’s Mother’s Day!!” He starts coughing like he’s been at a pack a day for 25 years. Sick. I go over to my son and he sneezed a big ol’ snot blob right in my direction…. Wow. Sick.

Not just sick, they couldn’t even stay awake. They would eat (barely) then sleep, then cry for me to hold them (yes my Husband too…) and I would get stuck between a small feverish body and a much larger feverish body watching S

id the Science Kid all on my own. My first Mother’s Day was…. Motherhood. It wasn’t getting a break even though I probably needed one. It was also learning how to draw from the well of the Holy Spirit for my relational, emotional, and physical rest. It was learning that being a Mom is a function in which I serve out my God given purpose of going and making disciples.


There is much insecurity, shame, fear, doubt, and frustration that comes in the form of tears, laughter, silence, and just powering through. Mama, you aren’t alone. You may be struggling but you don’t have to do that alone. We know. We hear you, grab a glass of wine and put your feet up so we can just remind you of who you really are.


This whole month moms are going to share their struggles with us. They are going to put their junk on display so we can be reminded that we are not alone and hopefully we will all leave with more insight on how to better kick of the butt of the things that’s been kicking ours. So if you aren’t SUBSCRIBED,  you need to go ahead and do that cause this series is gonna to go Hard As A Mother.



Written By: Calah Jackson